We are in this together

When Thera Goossens applied for a job as a financial-administrative associate, she was mostly attracted by the amiable working environment.

All about financial matters

Thera says: “I have always worked in the financial services industry, where the atmosphere tends to be fairly formal. Which was exactly what I hoped to avoid with a new employer.”
Thera is responsible for all things related to finance. From debtor and creditor ledgers to banking matters, salary payments and both contracts and projects administration. Thera continues: “In a small scale company, you will need to be able to perform all tasks related to finance. I truly enjoy that variety. It is exactly what I was looking for.”

I love the mentality of the Kempen area. It is known for people who know to balance working hard as well as their Brabant-style amiability.

Thera Goossens | financial administration
master bathroom
Master bathroom of superyacht Vida | Photography © David Churchil

Open, and direct communication

“In a production business like Stone Natural Class, the team consists of many more men than women. I am totally OK with that. I can stand a joke, and I am well able to fend for myself. It is much more important that we are a true team. In case of work related questions, we know where to find each other. If I need to find something out. I will walk up into the workshop. And the boys, in turn, gladly come find me in my office.”

Sense of pride

Working in an administrative position, Thera is not always able to picture the end product. She shares: “Even though I don’t get to watch the launch of every single superyacht, or to visit every mansion’s luxury bathroom, I still have that sense of pride. It is a great story to share. We are a small, local team, after all. And it feels great to be proud of your work and your co-workers. I have missed that in other jobs.”

It feels great that we are all in this together.

Thera Goossens | financial administration