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Natural stone

Nothing radiates pure affluence and exclusivity more than natural stone. A product only nature can craft. Irreplaceable by any other material. Worldwide, about 10.000 types of stone exist. There is no limit to the variety of colour and texture. Every slab of natural stone is unique. +

Add personality and cachet to your interior design.

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Expertise and craftsmanship

Processing and installing natural stone requires expertise and craftsmanship. Our craftsmen bring decades of experience to the table and continuously get retrained to stay up to date with the latest trends and techniques.

Stone Natural Class Designer’s Kit

Stone Natural Class Designer's kit

Do you know the endless possibilities of stone?

As an interior designer, you aim to create an exclusive and stylish environment for your clients, right? Natural stone adds personality and cachet to any design. But what type of stone to select… Long story short: this kit will help you come up with deliberate and unexpected designs.

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Spread Magazine Residence Wouter Deelman

Canalside mansion makeover

We oftentimes are involved in unique projects. One of these, a full make-over of a canal-side mansion, was featured in the Dutch glossy magazine Residence.

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Stone library

Our team sets off with the process of purchasing the stone from the quarry to the final installation of the finished product. We go the extra mile to deliver an exclusive natural stone product of top quality.