Stone library

We set off with purchasing the best natural stone from quarries around the world. We do everything to deliver exclusive, top quality luxury stone products.

Golden Crema granite sample

Golden Crema

A brown, yellow and grey granite stone

Pietra Grey marble sample

Pietra Grey

A black and white marble stone.

Blue Agate sample

Blue Agate

A blue and white semi-precious stone

Black Agate sample

Black Agate

A brown and black semi-precious stone

Sodalite Blue

Sodalite Blue

A blue semi-precious stone



A purple semi-precious stone

Blue Quartz

Blue Quartz

A blue semi-precious stone

Emperador dark sample

Emperador dark

A brown and white marble

brown antique sample

Brown Antique

A brown and black granite

Calacatta Verde sample

Calacatta Verde

A green and white marble

Calacatta Carrara sample

Calacatta Carrara

A white marble

Bianco pentelico classic sample

Bianco Pentelico Classic

A white marble