Our workshop will be upgraded

Summerbreak 2018

Our plans for the summer holidays?

Over the past few months, several steps towards upgrading our workshop have already taken place. We have created several new work stations, and we have acquired and placed a polishing machine. During the summer holidays – from Monday 23 July till Friday 10 August -, we’ll continue this full make-over.

Revamping our workshop

As of mid August, our fully revamped workshop will have:

  • New roof and wall cladding. We will install new sandwich panels to help keep tabs on the indoor temperature both in summer and in winter;
  • 250m2 additional workshop space, an on-site office space and an extended crane gantry to make moving slabs of natural stone within the workshop easier
  • LED lighting to resemble the strength and the colour fastness of daylight. After all, meticulous tasks like processing natural stone require proper illumination;
  • Two new dry dust extraction cabs for dry polishing and two new workstations for wet polishing;
  • An extension of the workshop with a working platform to display products and to perform FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) inspections. After clients’ approval, products can be packaged for shipping and installation here, too;
  • An extended storage area to keep slabs organized into three categories and stored separately:
    1. Slabs for projects in progress;
    2. Slabs for warranty;
    3. Slabs in stock.