Our stories

Our team members share their stories what it’s like to create unique natural stone products for interiors of up scale villas and awe-inspiring super yachts.

Hans Bullens

Practice makes perfect

CCO Hans Bullens shares: “Selecting natural stone is a skill that you won’t learn at school. You can only master it with years of experience and self-study.”

Nothing surprises me anymore

With this sentence, project manager Berry van Nunen exemplifies the extremely high requirements of the exclusive yacht and villa construction industries.

Technical drawing is much more fun than styling

The job of planner / calculator at Stone Natural Class is Lindsay Jansen’s first job after obtaining her undergraduate degree in Belgium.

We are in this together

When Thera Goossens applied for a job as a financial-administrative associate, she was mostly attracted by the amiable working environment.

Planning and organising

Nicoline Faes’ responsibilities mostly include arranging stuff: varying from arranging a transport to, or an order from Italy to putting together a party.

That floor turned out gorgeous

“Recently, I helped create a marble floor made from Bianco Raffaello,” tells Jos Bierings, who works as a stone craftsman at Stone Natural Class.

Keeping a close eye on a prestigious mosaic

“What I love most about my job? The variety between planning a project and seeing it into completion,” says Rick Quirijnen, Engineer at Stone Natural Class.

Mark Bogaerts planning engineer

The kind of projects we run at are very varied

At the end of the internship for his MBO studies engineering, Mark Bogaerts was asked to stay on board. That was over a decade ago, and Mark is still here.