Residential interiors

Interior StrijpS loft Eindhoven

Loft Strijp-S, Eindhoven

The kitchen countertop is made of Belgian Blue.
The wall cladding in the bathroom is made of Acero honed en Belgian Blue honed.


Canal house Amsterdam

Exquisite canal house in Amsterdam with a kitchen countertop of sea pearl, a fireplace of Fior di Bosco, and a bathroom of Calacatta.

Villa in Eindhoven

Villa Eindhoven

Upscale villa in Eindhoven with custom made natural stone products installed in a spacious living room, kitchen and bathroom.

Loosdrecht villa exterior

Villa Loosdrecht

Built in the 18th century style of architecture. In cooperation with Harmonische architectuur, Voorstonden.

Villa in Waalre | Bathroom

Villa Waalre

Stylish villa in Waalre with a bathroom and kitchen made of custom made natural stone products.