Technical drawing is much more fun than styling

The job of planner / calculator at Stone Natural Class is Lindsay Jansen’s first job after obtaining her undergraduate degree in Belgium.

Combining the creative and technical

At the university of applied sciences in Mechelen, Lindsay learned technical drawing. This proved to be a worthwhile addition to her creative schooling at Sint Lucas in Boxtel. Lindsay says: “I like combining the creative and technical, although I must admit that I enjoy technical drawing much more than styling.”

I have graduated just recently, and I still need to learn a lot. To me, it feels like Stone Natural Class is the right place to do that, though.

Lindsay Jansen | Planner / calculator
stone edge finishing
Working with natural stone is a real challenge.

“When Lindsay entered the job market, she quickly learned that a career in architecture was too technical for her liking. A job in interior styling, on the other hand, wasn’t a  great fit either. She adds: “When the job opportunity at Stone Natural Class crossed my path, I decided to take a chance, even though I wasn’t really living close by.”

A pragmatic balance

Lindsay shares: “Working in a luxury industry is lots of fun. Creating something for a superyacht slightly differs from working for a furniture manufacturer. We are working on magnificent things here. Every item is unique and exclusive. Clients are demanding. Team members with Stone Natural Class, on the other hand, are all used to that. They are just doing their job to the best of their abilities. Because that’s what the pragmatic people of the Kempen do.”

Working for a small business where everyone knows each other personally suits me well.

Lindsay Jansen | Planner / calculator
stone samples
Every stone differs. That makes drawing complicated.

Working with natural stone

“We collaborate on projects. Everyone communicates openly and directly. If I am not sure about something, I can reach out to anyone for help. I learn a lot that way.” Working with natural stone offers Lindsay the challenge she was looking for. She adds: “I have had an interest in this natural resource from early on. You can’t influence what a stone will end up looking like, and it is impossible to replicate. Every stone differs, and that makes drawing complicated. By doing it anyway, I learn new things every single day. And in this field of expertise, that sort of hands on experience is essential.”

Materials knowledge and project management

“Watching how some co-workers seem to know everything, even about the most exclusive types of stone, is terrific. I am determined to master that part of the trade, and I get every opportunity to do so. My co-workers freely share their knowledge. To me, it seems that larger businesses tend to offer newbies like me less opportunities like that. Right now, for instance, I am managing a huge project. A challenge that I gladly took upon me.”