Planning and organising

Nicoline Faes’ responsibilities mostly include arranging stuff: varying from arranging a transport to, or an order from Italy to putting together a party.

Variety makes the spice of life

Nicoline has been around for many years. During the first few years, she acted as an office manager for both Stone Natural Class, and for another business owned by CEO Hans Bullens. The past few years, she has only been working for Stone Natural Class. Nicoline says: ”My responsibilities mostly include arranging things. That could be arranging a transport from Italy, ordering a mosaic or putting together a party or an anniversary celebration.”

natural stone samples in stock
Natural stone samples, ready for shipping.

I truly enjoy the variety in my job.

Nicoline Faes | office manager

Nicoline continues: “I try to imagine what my job would look like when I had to create proposals all day. Or sending out orders. That would make my job a lot less fun. It’s gratifying to work on different things all the time. Variety makes the spice of life.”

In the office and at home

Nicoline works three days a week, mostly in the Stone Natural Class office. For some of her tasks, this makes the most sense. Of course, since the COVID-crisis started, she works from home whenever possible. Nicoline shares: “Working from home was an easy transition. Nowadays, most communication happens by e-mail and on mobile devices, The days of secretaries managing switchboards have long been gone.”

Point of contact

The majority of emails Nicoline receives originate from co-workers. Nicoline reveals: “They inquire, for instance, after when a slate of stone is planned to arrive. Whether I could arrange transport. Or they ask me to order glue or kit. I am first point of contact for questions like these.”


“Over the years, my field of expertise has changed drastically. Everything now happens digitally. Working in this day and age suits me well. I enjoy being in the office, because I enjoy the company of co-workers. Working from home has its perks too, though. Some assignments require a deep focus, and the peace and quiet at home makes that more efficient.”

It goes without saying that it’s quite special that we make these unique, magnificent products.

Nicoline Faes | office manager

Friendly and amiable

“For most people the superyacht industry is pretty far-off. And even though, we work in an uber exclusive industry like that, the team culture is as amiable as the entire province of Brabant. We are working hard, but the atmosphere is pleasant.”