Natural stone

natural stone quarry

The natural beauty of stone

Highly durable with timeless quality

Natural stone has been an important part of architecture throughout history. Examples of fa├žades, stairs and floors made from stone centuries ago, can still be found today.

Natural stone is unique

natural stone slabs

A unique gift of nature

No two pieces of natural stone are exactly alike. Each piece has its unique character with variations in veining, shading, texture and grain.

Natural stone samples

stone samples

Keeping your own stock of natural stone samples

We encourage you to keep a stock of natural stone samples to demonstrate the qualities and properties of natural stone to your clients.

Stone Natural Class Designer’s Kit

Stone Natural Class Designer's kit

Stone Natural Class Designer’s Kit

As an interior designer, you aim to create an exclusive and stylish environment for your clients, right? And natural stone adds personality and cachet to any design. But what type of stone to select?