Lightweight natural stone

Natural stone can’t always be used in its solid form. Sometimes less is more. That is why it is worthwhile in certain scenarios to talk about a lighter alternative of natural stone.

Learn about lightweight stone

Lightweight natural stone: sometimes less is more

Sometimes the downsides of these exotic materials can be made work for you.

James Claydon about natural stone

Using honeycombing techniques, massive natural stone can be altered in weight which turns it a more practical and cost-effective option. Previously challenging spaces such as canal houses with hardwood floors, yachts, and elevators can now be decorated in luxury using altered lightweight natural stone.
On top of that, this thinner type of natural stone can also be used to brighten darker spaces, such as bathrooms, by using backlighting. Placing lighting behind the lightweight natural stone will create an eye-catching effect that illuminates the natural beauty of the stone.

Lightweight natural stone is the perfect solution for interiors of superyachts and canal houses.

Interior of a canal house | Interior design by Ruud van Oosterhout

We gladly team up with you to brainstorm design ideas

Lightweight natural stone consists of a thin sheet of natural stone that has been attached to an aluminium or honeycomb panel. First, a 4-8mm thin sheet is carefully cut from natural stone. This sheet (veneer) is then secured to an aluminium or honeycomb panel, which results in a much lighter product. These panels are now ready to be fixed to walls, ceilings and furniture surfaces, which is a quick and easy process.

This is where the fun comes in for interior designers, as these lighter panels are more versatile in possibilities of placement. Translucent stones such as onyx, semi-precious and a multitude of marbles can be further enhanced using backlighting.
Lightweight natural stone is timeliness and elegant, there are no visible differences compared to massive stone. It is also stronger than massive stone. And most importantly, it’s easy to maintain. We gladly team up with you to brainstorm design ideas.

A sheet of marble bonded to a honeycomb panel.

Lightweight natural stone consists of a sheet of natural stone bonded to an aluminium or honeycomb panel.

Samples of lightweight stone

Lightweight natural stone
LightWeight natural stone honeycomb
LightWeight natural stone aluminium

Characteristics of lightweight natural stone

  • large format up to 3000 x 1500 mm in a single piece without joints;
  • very light: from 13 kg/m² upwards;
  • very thin: from 8 mm upwards;
  • timeless and elegant: no difference with massive stone;
  • allows translucent stones such as onyx and many marbles to be backlit.

Advantages of lightweight natural stone

  • stronger than massive stone;
  • quick and easy to install;
  • safe for breakage;
  • clean and practical for dry wall technique;
  • interesting for refit;
  • many ways of affixing the slabs, adhesive techniques and suspension systems;
  • easy to maintain;
  • ready to fit modules and combined elements.