Luxury stone products

Superyacht Galactica Super Nova Vanity top

Crafting luxury stone products

Processing and installing natural stone requires expertise and craftsmanship. Our craftsmen bring decades of experience to the table and continuously get retrained to stay up to date with the latest trends and techniques.

Interior of an Amsterdam canal house | Master bathroom

Lightweight stone

Do you think that natural stone is too heavy for your interior space? Lightweight stone is the perfect solution for superyachts, houses with hardwood floors and elevators.

Hammam backlit onyx
Hammam on a superyacht made of backlit onyx.
Photography © David Churchill

Backlit stone

Have you ever seen a stone like Semi-precious or Onyx lit from behind? Splendid for a darker area, like for instance a luxury bathroom with no windows.

Ann G Mosaic colourful
Colourful mosaic on a superyacht.
Photography © Rutger Broeders


Would you like to bring a unique atmosphere and identity to your design? Every swimming pool deserves the magic of one thousand-and-one mosaic tiles.

Superyacht My Secret bathroom stone inlay
Stone inlay floor in master bathroom of a superyacht.
Photography by David Churchill

Stone inlay

Are you looking for a way to turn a fairly dull wall or floor into an magnificent eye catcher? Be amazed by the possibilities of stone inlay.