Rick Quirijnen: Planning a project and seeing it into completion

Interview with Rick Quirijnen

It is marvellous to work both in an office and at a shipyard.

Rick Quirijnen | Engineer at Stone Natural Class

Engineer at Stone Natural Class

Rick Quirijnen joined Stone Natural Class in the role of engineer in February of 2017. This business specializes in crafting custom designed natural stone items for the interiors of exclusive villas and impressive super yachts. Stone Natural Class, located in Reusel, Brabant, takes pride in its local heritage, and its reputation for high quality craftsmanship. Rick is responsible for converting drawings provided by interior designers and architects into achievable plans. “What I love most about my job? The variety between planning a project and seeing it into completion.”

Keeping a close eye on a prestigious mosaic

“In the early stages of a project, I mainly create production drawings. I need to ensure every component of the drawing is achievable. Next, I create a planning. What is the optimal order of business? When do the carpenter, plumber or electrician start, and when will it be our turn? Decisions like these greatly depend on on the circumstances at a yacht or in a villa. Which is why I have spent a lot of time at the shipyard lately. I needed to keep a close eye on laying a prestigious mosaic in a mega yacht. It is my job to finetune the planning with the team at our workshop. To make sure we have the right people at the right place, at the right time. Our clients come from all over the world. They are not always able to communicate in any of the languages that I speak. At times, we need a lot of resourcefulness to make sure we understand each other.”

mosaic wellness
A prestigious mosaic in a mega yacht.

Solving problems, planning and communication challenges.

“Sometimes even the most deliberate calculations and measurement miss the mark at a fraction. As a result, we may need to adjust wooden frameworks or stones so that they fit snugly. I take care of challenges like these, while keeping a close eye on our budget and planning. Usually I can achieve that with good old common sense. Luckily, we are a relatively small and informal business. I can just pick up the phone and brainstorm with whomever is involved. In the end, I need to make sure the reasoning behind my decisions is sound. Both towards our clients and towards our team. Knowing what is going on and keeping everyone in the loop is one of the most satisfying parts of my job.”

Engineer Rick Quirijnen
Engineer Rick Quirijnen at work on a mega yacht at a shipyard.

Achieving top results

“The atmosphere aboard is incomparable. I must strike that balance that keeps everyone involved, happy. No matter their cultural background or their interest in the outcome. That is a challenge, but we team up and get outstanding results. Fortunately, the production and assembly departments at Stone Natural Class collaborate well. Team members are reliable and respond quickly. I have, however, needed to learn to slow down and to tread with care while working aboard. This is not uncommon among new team members, by the way. Meeting and exceeding the stringent requirements of our clients takes dedication and patience. A prerequisite to see projects like these through to the end successfully and end up with well pleased clients.”

mosaic wellness
Detail of a prestigious mosaic in a mega yacht.