A superyacht bathroom from start to finish

How we create luxury in 4 steps: From selecting stone, creating visuals, stone-crafting, to installing stone products.

superyacht bathroom finished

Step 1. Selecting stone

Slabs in our workshop
The attentively-selected marble slabs of Pietra Grey and Striato Olimpico at our workshop.

Before we start creating a luxurious bathroom for a superyacht, we need to select stone. Our first step is to select and purchase stone that is extracted from a quarry.

Step 2. Creating visuals

superyacht bathroom nesting
AutoCAD drawings of a bathroom.

We then convert the design provided by a interior designer or architect, into an achievable plan. Using the software AutoCAD, we split the design into different components.

superyacht bathroom nesting pietra grey
Components of a design laid out on a stone slab of Pietra Grey.

We lay these components out to test how slabs are used in the most optimal way. This is done to keep the veining of the stone flowing throughout the bathroom components and walls as much as possible.

superyacht bathroom visual
Visual of an exclusive bathroom made of luxury stone.

Before we start to cut any stone, we first create visuals that showcase how the marble slabs will look like in a finalized design.

Step 3. Crafting natural stone

superyacht bathroom waterjet-Hans
CNC-operator Hans cutting slabs of Striatio Olimpico with our waterjet.

By using a waterjet, our CNC-operator custom cuts components for the bathroom from the slabs.

superyacht bathroom workshop Yarek
Stone craftsman Yarek bonding components of a bathtub together.

Then, after the components are bonded together, our craftsmen start shaping and polishing the stone.

superyacht bathroom workshop Roman
Craftsman Roman double checking the components.

But before shipping the components off to a shipyard, they are double-checked by our craftsmen in our workshop.

superyacht bathroom bathtub workshop
The bathtub in our workshop, ready to be installed on a superyacht.

After the components of the luxury stone products have been approved, they are carefully transported to a shipyard. They are now ready to be installed on a superyacht.

Step 4. Installing stone products

superyacht bathroom Herman
Craftsman Herman and Engineer Rick installing a bathtub on a superyacht.

At the shipyard, our team installs the components in a superyacht. Which is the last step of creating a high-end bathroom made of natural stone.

superyacht bathroom bath tub
Exclusive bathtub, made of Pietra Grey and Striato Olimpico.
superyacht bathroom wall cladding
Wall cladding in a superyacht bathroom.
superyacht bathroom almost finished
Superyacht bathroom, almost finished.

Finished bathroom

superyacht bathroom finished
Master bathroom of superyacht Book Ends. Photography © Tiziano Canu.

The bathrooms at superyacht Book Ends are made of Pietra Grey and Striato Olimpico. In the centre of the large master bathroom, stands a standalone bath with a pair of hand basins to port and separate shower and head cubicles.

Bathroom design by Bannenberg & Rowell Design.
Exterior design by Frank Laupman (Omega Architects).
Built in 2017 by Heesen Yachts.