Hans Bullens helps a stone company in Vietnam

The Dutch volunteer organisation PUM sends senior experts to developing countries to support entrepreneurs. Hans Bullens is one of those experts.

Hans Bullens undertakes a third mission for PUM

On behalf of PUM, Hans Bullens, owner of Stone Natural Class, travelled to Palestine and Pakistan in 2015 and 2016 to support natural stone companies there. This year he travelled to Vietnam to assist Granite & Marble TPS for two intensive weeks.

Hans Bullens in Vietnam
Hans Bullens (left) with the owner of Granite & Marble TPS.

Granite & Marble TPS in Hanoi, Vietnam

Granite & Marble TPS is a natural stone trader and contractor, based in Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam. They manufacture and install custom made stone products for construction projects throughout Hanoi, especially non-residential purposes. During the time that Hans visited Granite & Marble TPS, they were working on building a recreation resort among other projects.

Vietnam Granite & Marble
Granite & Marble TPS in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Strategic support

The owner of Granite & Marble TPS was strategically orientating himself and felt the need to acquire a new production location. Inferably, he asked PUM for assistance. The objective of Hans’ journey was to give him a better insight of the possibilities of the market, tied to the development of the market. In addition, they would establish an investment structure for the realisation of a new workshop.

Vietnam training on the job
Training on the job, the workshop of Granite & Marble TPS.

Formulating an action plan

With the help of a supporting interpreter, Hans did a survey of the current situation of the company and the market. Based on an extensive SWOT-analysis, he formulated an advice for the strategical direction. He attached an action plan with a time schedule and assisted in creating a structured marketing plan for the near future.

About Hans Bullens

Hans Bullens is the owner of Stone Natural Class. This Dutch company offers overall concepts of luxurious stone products for interiors of exclusive villas and superyachts. Hans supervises the development of projects from start to finish. He oversees his team during the purchase process of the natural stones, the production process of the design and the definitive instalment of the product on location.Building pleasant, long term relationships is Hans’ personal way of doing business. His passion? Perpetually improving and innovating.

About PUM

PUM (Programma Uitzending Managers) is a Dutch non-profit organisation, which has been advising businesses in developing countries and emerging markets for almost 40 years. PUM links these businesses – at their own request – to Dutch professionals who voluntarily devote their experience.
PUM promotes entrepreneurship, self-sufficiency and the sustainable development of small and medium-sized enterprise locally. This gives them the ability to create a positive impact on the economy, the environment and society.